Camps and Outdoors

Updated April 2023

Al Ƶ has camp programs for both Junior and Senior School students from Years 3 to 10. Each year, we look for camps to offer a combination of adventure based activities and curriculum enriching activities.

We separate the boys and girls from Year 5, offering separate camps for our boys and girls. The camp dates vary depending on appropriate facilities being available. Camps costs are kept to a minimum and are included as part of the Composite Levy of the Ƶ fees.

During camp, we provide an opportunity for religious reflection and all prayers are conducted. All food is halal and great care is taken to ensure appropriate separation on genders if we are required to share a camp venue with another school.

The children love the camping program with an opportunity to build positive relationships with each other and the staff. The adventure activities are offered as a challenge by choice, with children engaging at their level while being challenged to push themselves out of their comfort zone. Many children (and staff) overcome fears and returned enriched for the opportunity to try something new.

As in the previous years, our camps operate for three days and two nights, with the exception of our Canberra camps. Due to COVID restrictions, our remaining 2021 camps and excursions have been postponed until further notice.

As a novelty since 2022, we now have organised trips to Canberra for our Year 6, 9 and 10 student cohorts for the duration of 5 days.**