2024 Ƶ Captains

Updated December 2023

It is an absolute honour to present our elected 2024 Ƶ Captains Areeba Bilal (Girls) and Mohammad Awwady (Boys), and the Assistant Ƶ Captains Mariam Siddiqui (Girls) and Abdullah Mustafa (Boys) to our school and wider community.

Our 2024 Ƶ Captains Areeba, Mohammad, Mariam and Abdullah are representing both the Student Representative Council (SRC) and Al Ƶ Ƶ, its values, its good name and honour. Their appointments were announced at our special Year 12 Farewell and Secondary Awards Assembly on Friday, 20 October 2023 which was followed by much cheering and celebration from their fellow peers.

"Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others." ~ Jack Welch

We are certain both Areeba and Mohammad, with the great assistance of Mariam and Abdullah, will continue to raise the bar set so high by their predecessors, and look forward to working with our Captains throughout 2024.

We would also like to thank our alumni 2023 Ƶ Captains Zainab Alhendawi and Osama Akkad for their dedication and great leadership role and extend our heartfelt gratitude to them for their tremendous contributions to the Ƶ.

  • Areeba B.

    2024 Ƶ Captain (Girls) Email Areeba

    I am Areeba Bilal, and I am honoured to serve as the Girls Ƶ Captain for 2024. I have been a part of the SRC team since Year 7 and have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with fellow students on various community projects and events.

    My primary goal is to foster connections within our student community, bridging the gap between younger Secondary students and Seniors. I believe it is crucial to unite both upper and lower Secondary levels to collectively make a positive impact on our community and extend support to those in need.

    I am committed to representing our Ƶ and community to the best of my ability. Moreover, I aim to showcase our Ƶ faith positively within the broader public and non-Muslim community.

    Areeba B.
  • Mohammad A.

    2024 Ƶ Captain (Boys) Email Mohammad

    My name is Mohammad Awwady and I am the Ƶ Captain for boys for 2024. Everything I do must be related back to Allah (SWT), or it is pointless in my eyes.

    I aspire to be the best version of myself every day, assisting, guiding, and encouraging others along the way. My message is simple: People have the chance to change, and the way to change is to never give up on the mercy of Allah (SWT).

    I have had a significant personal journey, transforming who I was and what I aimed to be. Despite these changes, I never perceive myself as better than others. In fact, I see everyone as better than me, always ready to learn with an open mind. My wish is nothing but the best for others, even if it impacts me.

    By the will of Allah (SWT), I aim to spark change in others and inspire them to be better. While recognizing that people are not perfect, I believe they must always strive for Ihsaan (perfection). My goal is to contribute to the betterment of others, leaving an impact that lasts longer than I do.

    Brotherhood is a value I hold dearly, commending and endorsing it. By uplifting the right, I hope to refine others by casting away the wrong. This allows the will of others to be sincere, echoing the saying: ‘You will be what you will to be’.

    No matter the outcome, I am always resilient and willing to adapt. In summary, I serve others to obey Allah (SWT).

    Mohammad A.
  • Abdullah M.

    2024 Assistant Ƶ Captain (Boys) Email Abdullah

    My name is Abdullah and I am thrilled to be Al Ƶ’s Assistant Ƶ Captain for boys in 2024.

    My role will mainly consist of planning and overseeing events, liaising with teachers, collaborating with students to have a voice for the school community and representing Al Ƶ Ƶ on a wider stage.

    I am dedicated to promoting a culture of excellence, including sportsmanship, academics and being in an inclusive environment where everyone thrives. I am excited to collaborate with my fellow leaders, students, and faculty to create memorable experiences, build lasting connections and leaving the Ƶ with a positive impact.

    JazakAllah and I look forward to serving you on the journey ahead.

    Abdullah M.
  • Mariam S.

    2024 Assistant Ƶ Captain (Girls) Email Mariam

    Mariam's profile will be added in 2024 as she is currently overseas.

    Mariam S.

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